What are the qualities of a good lawyer? Is it intellect, the ability to communicate well with others, or outstanding writing? It goes without saying that we need to possess a certain amount of intellect and drive in addition to the necessary experience and opportunity. However, the reality is that the characteristics that elevate a competent lawyer to the level of a great lawyer may not be the ones you believe they are. In order to be a successful lawyer, you need to have strong communication abilities. Listening is among the essential components of any successful communication strategy. What you say, how you say it, and when you say it are all critical factors in communication. However, you can only do it correctly if you listen to the instructions first. Listen to your clients. Pay attention to what your opponents, your fellow attorneys, and the judges have to say.

If you want to discover actual answers to the problems that your customers are having, you also need to be innovative. Each situation is one of a kind; thus, each customer must be serviced in a distinct manner, and each solution must be meticulously designed. The most effective method for developing one-of-a-kind remedies is to approach each circumstance with compassionate listening. This allows you to really comprehend the problems at hand as well as the requirements of both the customer and the opponent. Successful lawyers always try to help individuals and share their expertise with their juniors. Same goes for Rex Bradley. As a successful private attorney in Missouri, United States, Rex Bradley attributes his success primarily to the fact that he is able to use the in-depth knowledge of the law that he possesses to assist individuals and businesses in better comprehending and navigating their way through various legal matters.In the following paragraphs, we will go further into his path to success and discover more about it.

His assertive approach

It is not necessary for you to be aggressive; nonetheless, you must be assertive. Respectful attorneys are able to voice their thoughts and make themselves known without disrespecting their clients or colleagues. Attacking the views of others or choosing to reject them in favor of their own is a characteristic of aggressive attorneys. Overly aggressive attorneys, much like those who are lacking in compassion, are unable to appreciate the perspective of another when it differs from the stance of their client. Because of this, they are unable to comprehend the issue and are thus unable to provide a viable solution to the issue. Even more harmful, excessively aggressive attorneys behave in a disrespectful manner with other people. This causes harm to interpersonal connections, which eventually leads to an atmosphere that is uncooperative and finally makes it hard to come to a compromise or an agreement. Rex Bradley is one of those lawyers that are making significant efforts to better serve their clients by adopting assertive. After earning his law degree, he began his legal career by serving as an assistant prosecutor in Boone County. Subsequently, he began representing clients in St. Charles County, Lincoln County, and Pike County. Because of his positive outlook and eagerness to learn new skills, he has devoted the majority of his 37 years to working in private practice, where he has been responsible for a diverse range of responsibilities. He has served as the head of the 45th Judicial Bar Association as well as the 11th Judicial Bar Association.


Throughout history, a good number of attorneys have regarded themselves to be a skilled craftsmen. People who adhere to this viewpoint will, at some point in the future, discover that they are excluded from the judicial system. It is vital for law firms and general counsels to update their procedures in order to stay up with the times and take advantage of the modern management and technical improvements that have occurred. 1977 was the year that Rex opened the doors to his own legal office, which he named the E. Rex Bradley Law Firm, P.C. The attorneys at this organization provide assistance with a broad range of legal concerns, such as those involving personal injury, criminal defense, family law, workers’ compensation, debt collection, estate planning, and other matters of a similar kind. Because of the rapid advancements in technology, the company is getting ready to fully automate a number of its business processes.

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