Audii’s versatility allows his production to stand out as he often flirts with different genres, bridging the gap between the punch of modern rap and the grit of contemporary R&B as he goes for a catchy yet direct and edgy approach. His unique sound comes from a rich experience of working hard and lifelong musical influences. His lyrical prowess has won him critical praise from fans and critics alike. He proves to be as smooth and equally aggressive when need be, coming through with punchline-heavy deliveries with a concoction of diverse flows infused with captivating energy and lyrical conviction. Either way, Audii always impresses his audience with his wordplay, hard punchlines, flows, and superb production.

Audii is becoming one of the most talked about artists in the United States as he gives voice to his Midwest Anderson hometown. He is an artist whose growth and undeniable talent have accompanied success. With his new single, “Frozen (alone),” Audii continues to deliver a melodic hip-hop sound that is original and unmistakable.

The combination of Audii’s distinctive melodic vocals with the futuristic beats creates a mesmerizing and hypnotic effect that lingers long after the track has ended.

He is smooth over the modern instrumentation, with his sleek deliverability operating skillfully between a rap-sing, undeniably appealing style. There are, of course, emotions through his performance so that the listener develops a deep connection with the lyrics that a certain kind of melancholy has inspired.

The emotions leading to this track were loneliness and feeling alienated and angst-ridden because nothing is quite working out for you. He got that voice and phrasing to bring out those emotional nuances in this track. By any measure, “Frozen (alone)” has billboard potential written all over it.

This is heartfelt, lyrical, and powerful, with a hip hop and R&B crossover appeal, which is why it should already be on your playlist. Follow the attached link and let Audii make his impact on your heart and soul!

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