It is said that the apple never falls far from the tree, which means that the example we give to our children will always bear fruit when they are grown.

Alfonso Cuarón is currently a great film director, consolidated by his international awards and films that are now part of the collective imagination in many countries around the world.  So now, his children Jonás, Tess Bu and Olmo Cuarón are following his footsteps in different disciplines of the Arts, showing to the world that their father did have an influence in their own lives.

Jonás Cuarón is the oldest of the three and is also dedicated to films and has participated in the production of important films such as Gravity (2013) for which he wrote part of the script, and later in Desierto (2016) which he directed and was a screenwriter.

Tess Bu Cuarón is clone to turning 20 and has already established that she wants to dedicate herself to music, a discipline for which she has studied for a long time, focusing in instruments and singing. And precisely in Roma (2018) she collaborated with a song for the soundtrack.

Olmo Cuarón is the youngest of the dynasty and has shown that his focus is in amination films, an area for which he has already created his first works, making it clear that he has talent to be a great creative for the big screen.

And, as we said before, parents who are dedicated to art and creativity usually have different ways of passing their talent on to their children; Olmo Cuarón is following his father’s footsteps into film, and in time we will surely see his works which will be more and more professional and he will surely be consolidated as a great director, animator and producer.

Jonás, Tess Bu and Olmo Cuarón are the perfect example of how parents can positively influence their children, since each one of them has proven in their own disciplines that they also have the love of films running through their veins, as well as their desire to triumph since all three are extremely talented in what they do and have demonstrated it so.    

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