Ever since he stepped onto the music scene about 15 years ago, the LA native Adrian Jauregui has been moving from strength to strength, and this is impeccably documented on his well-reserved and magnificent catalog. In 2019, he gave us one meticulously crafted masterpiece dubbed “Crossfire” featuring the remarkably gifted female vocalist Breana Marin and before we could get enough of it, he was back with a scintillating remix featuring one virtuosic DJ Libra. 2020 saw him go a notch higher with certified records such as “Eli’s song” “Fool’s Gold” and “No Brainer”

2021 was not spared of the excellence as he bounced with epic stunners such as “Boom”, “Luv” and an original and remixed version for “Anymore”. In 2022, Adrian has been a busy man, giving us back-to-back stunning tunes from “You and Me” to “Your Love” and the Spanish-inspired masterpiece “Eres Para Mi”

In truth, Adrian Jauregui has built a reputation around his infectious energy and incredible presence in the room and it feels that up until that moment he decide to pick up music, everything just transitioned perfectly. Emerging from the home of great singers, songwriters, and producers such as Skrillex, Diplo, Miguel, and many others, Jauregui has gone on to combine the elements of pop sound with electronic dance music to fashion an effortlessly likable sound that his audience can relate to.

While staying true to the roots of pop and still looking forward to the future of the sound, Jauregui has been taking on the unique task of blending the past and the future into a gift we call the present, which is such a joy to receive.

With his co-owned indie music label, “Voyage Music Group,”  Jauregui is seeking to collaborate with many more artists, especially the upcoming ones, and help sell their musical gifts out there. There is so much to get from him, including his merch; all you have to do is follow him everywhere (we’ll attach the links) so as to interact with his music, and if you are looking to work with him, you can always do so by following his official communication channels.

The future is already set for Adrian Jauregui to dominate, and if I were you, I’d jump right in and take this journey by his side!

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