We ask him to introduce himself to the world and what are his future plans? He stated: “My name is Christopher Bobbitt, also known as Norvelle London on social media, and I am originally from Detroit, Michigan! I make dreams come true through visual storytelling! However, I will also talk about my experiences as a transgender non-binary advocate and creator. I’m studying criminal justice at Wayne County Community College. I am a content creator. In my spare time, I enjoy photography and videography in addition to my work. In everything I do, I approach life with optimism and dedication. However, he also discusses the social justice issues that are affecting people’s lives and educational backgrounds in the United States.

Apart from that, I am a YouTube content creator where I posted vlogs, reactions, and storytimes videos where I show people my goofy side and be myself, and I am starting to travel so I will be starting a vlogging channel to show the amazing places I have visited on my vlog channel as well. In a few years, I’ll see myself in an executive suit owning a few YouTube awards to show my work and success to my youth and younger members, showing them the great expectations I accept from them. Passing the wisdom and knowledge down to my community to shed light and wealth on the blind and building a team full of entrepreneurs to organize a well-established organization for the citizens who need guidance in starting a business brand or community.!

YouTube Channel: https://youtube.com/@norvellebraxton

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