As AI is implemented in more industries across the United States, eliminating redundancies and improving productivity, one question concerns its potential impact on real estate. Investors are about to learn the answer, as luxury and investment real estate broker Matthew Martinez has launched his proprietary, AI-powered platform. Matthew is the CEO of Diamond Real Estate Group, which he founded in 2021 and quickly grew into an industry leader in the Napa Valley and Bay Area through the power of his expertise and ability to connect with investors on social media. Matthew likes to give away his knowledge of premium real estate for free on his platforms, resulting in over 200,000 followers and being named one of the Top 100 Luxury Real Estate Agents on Social Media and the Top 100 Real Estate Agents on Instagram. Today, he is shaking up Northern California’s ultra-luxury real estate market with his proprietary, AI-powered platform, showing that there is a more efficient way to identify real estate investment opportunities, drive sales leads, and increase returns.

The man behind a fundamental shift in one of America’s most expensive real estate markets was brought up in Sonoma, California, where he says he learned the importance of financial stability and empathy.

“I grew up in a single-parent home,” Matthew remembers. “I’m sure my mom had to struggle on some level, but she provided me with a wonderful childhood because she worked so hard. That really made an impression on me, how your own diligence and work ethic can take you so far.”

After college, Matthew followed his passion for real estate and design by becoming a part-time investor and flipper. He quickly developed a reputation for working tirelessly, prioritizing client service, and being an expert in the diverse neighborhoods of San Francisco.

“I eventually launched Diamond Real Estate Group because I was determined to help more people invest in properties around the Bay Area and Napa Valley,” Matthew says. He pauses for a moment, then laughs a little. “I probably could have chosen an easier market to break into, but I couldn’t resist the challenge!”

He says that the keys to his success have been three factors: his ability to explain a complex, ever-changing market to buyers, sellers, and other agents; the power of social media marketing, which has connected him to everyday investors around America; and artificial intelligence.

“I don’t believe in withholding valuable information that could transform other people’s lives,” Matthew reflects. “I want to teach everyone how to attain the same level of success that I have found and inspire them to believe that it is possible. That is why I concentrate so much on breaking down the complexities of real estate for anyone who is interested.”

Matthew is a frequent guest on podcasts, blogs, and media outlets and works to create an online environment where anyone can come together to learn about real estate. He has been featured on Yahoo Finance, Forbes, Fox, NBC, Time, Benzinga, and other publications. He is also a member of the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, a Certified Negotiation Expert, an Accredited Commercial Real Estate Professional, a Certified Distressed Property Expert, and an accredited Short Sale & Foreclosure Resource.

Now, with the launch of his AI-powered platform, Matthew is working to bring more precision to the real estate industry and to maximize the returns on each transaction. His team has spent the last few years developing the technology and celebrated when it was rolled out.  

“We all crowded around the computer and watched as our AI platform began analyzing the best properties in Northern California,” Matthew recalls. “Then, after a few high fives, we got to work on the next stage of our growth: using it to expand our ability to identify the right houses, condos, multi-unit buildings, and income/investment properties for our clients.”

Diamond Real Estate Group is also launching its cutting-edge website, which will use AI to help visitors to find off-market investment opportunities and market their homes to the perfect buyer. The new website will also feature blog articles, white papers, case studies and other valuable content that educate visitors about real estate investment and transactions. Blog posts will provide analysis and insights into current real estate market trends, including data on home prices, rental rates, and inventory levels, and they will also spotlight local businesses, with the goal of increasing community and promoting a stronger economy.

Matthew says that while 2023 is already shaping up to be an exciting year for Diamond Real Estate Group, he remains focused on the long-term picture for luxury property investors.

“That’s really what our AI platform is about: simplifying how luxury real estate is invested in over the decades to come, not months or even a few years,” Matthew explains. “Every investor knows how crucial it is to play the long game, and with our AI platform, Diamond Real Estate Group’s ability just got even stronger.”

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