The inspirational mix of songs on Reina Subramanian’s most recent EP album, “heartstrings,” gives listeners courage and consolation in these challenging times. “Heartstrings” is an album filled with positivity and hope, from the empowering song “look the other way,” which encourages young women to reclaim control, to the inspirational adage “all the way through,” which reminds listeners that achievement is possible despite any challenges.

Heartstrings, the title track of the EP, is a striking reflection that words can hurt and heal and that it is crucial to be aware of how our speech impacts people around us. Moreover, the EP’s outstanding instrument arrangements flow brilliantly with Reina’s sweet, soft, and sad voice, which will take a warm place in your heart and soul.

Reina Subramanian is a gifted musician whose music will give listeners solace and fortitude. Her previous single releases, “dance on the moon” and “Breathe Slow,” are warmly received and already build a solid fanbase for her. Her debut single, “Breathe Slow,” is streamed over 68k times within less than three months, showcasing her impact in the music industry.

With this EP, she has produced yet another outstanding collection of music that is likely to be enjoyed by many. “heartstrings” is now available on all major platforms, including Spotify. For more information about Reina Subramanian, visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

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Reina is an actor, singer, and model. When she is not at one of her performing arts classes, in school, or preparing for her next role, she loves watching theatre productions, working out at the gym, playing badminton, and spending time with her family. Reina also loves fashion and checking out the newest trends.

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