Eran Hersh is a DJ & Producer who has made a name for himself in the electronic and dance music scene the last couple of years with hit songs such as ‘Ale Ale’, ‘Ole’, ‘Human’ and many more. Eran Hersh is well-known in his hometown Miami where he hosts a radio show every night called “Detox” on Revolution 93.5 FM. The show is a fan favorite where Eran Hersh really shows his unique style with a mix of deep and afro house music. But if you want to catch him in his true element, you need to see him performing live because that’s where his charismatic personality and distinctive ear for music really comes through.

Eran Hersh career has escalated the last two years with him reaching global success and sold-out tours around the world. 2022 was without a doubt a busy year for Eran Hersh but that didn’t stop him from making more music and reaching even higher career goals. His first release of the year called “Bame dame” (released on Go Deeva) was a big success and caught the attention of some of the industry’s biggest names. Additionally, He just confirmed his biggest project to date which is a collaboration with Blondish, Darmon and Pop Icon Madonna. This has been long awaited dream for Eran Hersh, and it will definitely give his career the recognition it deserves. Eran promised that even more exciting projects are in the making for 2023 and we can’t wait to see what’s next from this talented artist.

Catch a sneak peak of new materials to come from Eran Hersh on his musical journey –

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