Valencia Griswold is passionate about making the Internet a better place one website at a time. She helps small businesses come up with eye appealing websites for more ROI (return on investments). She has been passionate about her craft and her main focus is customer satisfaction. She has designed over dozens of clientele websites with priority which always turn into fast turn over time! We interview Valencia to understand her process, what Intricate Web Designs stand for and more.

What does your company do and what’s is the integrity behind your business?

Intricate WebDesigns offers website design and other digital design services. IWD also offers SEO assistance and much more. However, IWD’s leading service is website design.
Besides the services IWD offers, clients should expect honesty and respect throughout their process with us.

What is your web design and development process?

IWD’s web design process is as follows:
a. The Planning Stage
b. The Designing stage (prototyping)
c. The Design/Development Stage
d. Testing Stage
e. Launch Stage
f. Maintenance Stage

Do you use pre-made templates? Or custom designs?

All designs from IWD are custom designs that fit our client’s needs. IWD believes it is essential that our clients finished project stands out from the masses, so we ensure that every design is intricately designed.

How long will it take for your company to complete a website?

IWD turnaround time depends on how big the project is. However, clients should expect their finished project between two-four weeks.

How much input will your clients have with their website design?

Whatever our client request is what they will receive.

Do you offer SEO for businesses?

Yes, IWD does offer SEO services. IWD SEO services consist of but are not limited to, manipulating code and strategically designing a website to fit SEO standards

Will you be available to make changes in the future?

Absolutely. The only thing that is constant is change. Plus, change is good. As a business owner, I am still learning and growing. So, I plan to use what I learn along the way for the future of my company’s success.

Can you set up Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel?

Good question; yes, IWD can.

How will you handle hosting, security and maintenance for your clients websites?

Regarding hosting, IWD offers hosting services and security services, or our client could use a third-party company to host and secure their website.

What kind of testing and quality control checks do you perform prior to the launch of a new website?

As for testing, IWD performs a functionality test before launch day. After the functionality test, the client will verify that the functionality is correct and that the design is to their liking.



Owner/Founder: Valencia Griswold

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