FediiMillz is an up-and-coming artist from Virginia whose star is rising. With music being his outlet, he expresses emotions and releases his innermost thoughts with every track. By using different melodies and raw emotions, he can stay connected to his heart and soul, where he finds his inspiration and motivation.

Through the composition of music, he seeks to create a whole new world of his own and make it come alive with his unique sound. At the beginning of his musical journey was a bit unsure, not knowing the breadth of his talents would take him beyond his dreams. He is making the most of his undeniable talent by taking a chance on himself. Letting the music flow through leads him down many roads, making the listening experience a relatable journey. He seeks to be defined with a single word, which is simple, yet captures his essence. That word is different. As a result, you get a unique and very diverse listening experience.

Never afraid of the big stage, he feeds off the energy at the moment. Sharing his experiences while showing the world what he is made of, with his energy and passion. Recently, he has unleashed two fire tracks that have been lighting up the local music scenes! “Trippin 123” has been blazing through the speakers of the hottest DJs, while “Keep it 100” made its debut in December and is beginning to make further waves. With a few more projects, features with other artists, and EPs coming in the future. FediiMillz is an artist to watch in 2023!

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