Lamara Michelle is 29 years old from Baltimore MD. Lamara has a 4 year old son who is her world.Lamara is a licensed cosmetologist and owner of Dreaming In Silk Salon. She specialize in hair care , itip extensions , mircro links , natural hair , color and silk press. Lamara started out really young in the hair industry . Her first job at the age of 13 was a shampoo tech at a local salon and during my time in the salon she fell in love with the industry. right away, and proceeded to hair school right after high school . She than went to hair school part time while working in a hair salon full time as assistant . Lamara learned a lot while working there . Lamara was inspired with the thought of being a black women owning her own. Once she graduated from hair school and received her license the rest was history. The years went on her clientele continue to grow and she also received her LLC. Lamara worked under different hair owners but she wanted to focus on branding herself. Lamara is a proud owner of Dreaming in Silk Salon. She don’t have her own store front yet. Lamara goal is to save up and get a store front salon but things take time money , dedication and extremely hard work . Lamara want to create generational wealth for my son. This year Lamara is currently working on my marketing and branding as well as Dreaming In Silk hair care line. Lamara is always accepting new clients.

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  1. One of the most beautiful,thoughtful, and respectable salon owners I have ever met. Does a great job with her work and prides herself in her customer’s service. I would give dreaming in silkva 10/10 rating!🫶🏾

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