Bexi Bape is a pop singer/songwriter with a subtle rap edge. She’s based in South Carolina. She is Inspired by names such as Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu, Selena, Fergie and Britney Spears to name a few. She was motivated by their cool and confident personas and unique vocal tones.

Bexi begins with “Yeah im fancy but I don’t need designer or a stylist, Im a goddess but I don’t need a watch because im timeless” lets you know her self esteem is internal. Bexi Bape sings with a cool, high pitched tone over a feel good popish instrumental with consciously aware lyrics. To party in the USA because life is a bitch is the main theme of this song with lyrics like “Got my brothers dying over sea for me, I just want to end all the pain and suffering”. Bexi Bape has the confidence to tell it how it is with style and firmness.

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Towards the end of the record Bexi says “Sign your name on the dotted line, your officially here to stay. Be prepared to work very hard for barely nothing” then lets the instrumental take the listener through a “think about that” moment. In this country, you work overtime with little to no pay and the system is keeping everything under their control with no regards to the people. Bexi expresses her frustrations that everyone can relate to and to which it sucks but lets try to party in the USA and make the best of our situation!

The record is fun, conscious and shines light of the personality of Bexi Bape. I will recommend listening to this song if you like positive messages over cool pop instrumentals.

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