These days it feels like there’s a new artist emerging every single day. It’s because social media and distributors have become so accessible. With this, as you would imagine there is an oversaturation of music in each genre, primarily Rap/Hip-Hop. With that, there’s an old saying “the cream rises to the top” and one of the first artists that comes to mind is Dual2. He’s a Puerto Rican musician out of Miami, Florida, one of the most multicultural cities in the world. There’s Latin artists from South America, the islands and other parts of the world doing what Dual2 is doing. See here’s the thing, even though they’re doing music, they’re not doing it quite like Daul2. As of right now, we feel confident enough to say he rivals even some of the biggest artists on the market right now. The only thing he’s missing is the machine behind him or huge marketing dollars they may have backing them. However, it will come in due time as he works hard on his production to make sure it stands out.

A perfect example of this is his recently released single titled “Mentira Piadosa”. We feel as if he has one of the best and more unique sounds in the industry. The Latin fans will surely gravitate towards it, as all it takes is for the right person to hear it, or the right person to repost it. Upon the first listen the listeners wouldn’t even be able to tell he’s not already famous or established. That’s how clean the song is mixed, mastered and produced. Everything he touches is done at a professional level, as it could be played on radio, appear in movies, video games, commercials, you name it! The song is fun, happy and puts you in a better mood. It’s “Such a vibe” as they would say, so much that even those who may not speak Spanish would still enjoy the track. This is what happens when things are well put together by the artist along with his whole team.

The music video just takes Dual2 to the next level. It’s been a while since we’ve seen artists who take their visuals seriously. Something simple, not too flashy or over the top with props, cars or girls. In this one, it’s just the artist telling his story and having fun undoing it. Sometimes, the single person scenes give a more compelling feel to the music and visual overall. We respect Dual2 for giving us an authentic piece of art. We’re excited to see what he has for us next. His videos are in high resolution, which you’d see from the likes of billboard charting artists. It has the total package as it is. If we’re talking about music and videos he possesses the “IT” factor already! To be successful is something he’s looking to make a reality. Keep him on your radar, it’s only a matter of time.

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