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Alejandra Gómez is a professional creative-makeup artist based out of Los Angeles, CA, USA. With over 14 years of work experience in the beauty business, Alejandra has worked for Hollywood serving some of the biggest names and events such as the Latina Grammy, American Music Awards, and much more. Alejandra has built a roster of on-going clients relying on her cosmetic skills to present their star look across TV Shows, movies, and events.

We’ve been given the opportunity to ask questions directly with Alejandra Ramirez regarding her profession and what she can share with us today.

Thank you so much for being here with us today! Let’s start tough. A customer asks you for a makeup style that is an unsuitable fit for their face, how would you handle it? 
Alejandra Gómez (AR): First off, I analyze their skin and hair just in case they are asking for an unsuitable style or makeup. I explain to them why it will not suit them by sharing my analysis of their face cut, skin texture, and hair texture.

Incredible way to deal with the situation. How were you inspired you as a makeup artist?
Alejandra Gómez (AR): Being a makeup artist required a lot of creativity is the most variable across all makeup artist’s professions. Each individual’s look has a purpose and is in the artist’s jobs to achieve the desired effect using makeup. I started my career as a cosmetology student and become a licensed professional after completing many courses in the makeup industry. I bake a celebrity favorite makeup artist and hairstylist artist. I join a lot of Tv shows, Fashion shows, and award events.

What is the difference between applying makeup for photo/film shoots versus applying makeup for live appearance parties?
Alejandra Gómez (AR): Make-up for tv shows is usually thematic and has to be applied as per the preferences of the director. A thick base, sharper colors, and massive skin foundation is needed for tv shoots makeup. Live party makeup has more finesse. It stays as light as possible, And the goal is to highlight the clients naturally appealing features.

What is an important beauty advice that you can share with another woman?
Alejandra Gómez (AR): Having flawless skin something every girl aspires for and achieving that. Hydrating your body from the inside out is indispensable. Cleanse your face at least twice a day with cold water. Avoid warm water as it opens the pores allowing dirt to enter into them.

What are the biggest challenges makeup artists face?
Alejandra Gómez (AR): Being part of a great team at work that has your back is a phenomenal feeling. The key is to have great communication with every member of the team and keep getting your work done every time and have happy clients. The biggest challenge makeup artists face is when clients reach your makeup kit and check what brands you managed and check how clean and neat your kit is.

Alejandra Gómez is a respectful MUA and creative artist from the Los Angeles area who is now getting set to launch her own makeup products for her following. See what Alejandra Ramirez is working on now!

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