Reflecting on the restlessness of hustle culture and his struggles with finding time for contemplation and slower days, Nkosi Bourne takes a seat with his listener as he delivers an open hearted monologue on “Drowning.” 

Accompanied by a fantastic, slow burning visual, “Drowning” is a relatable track for many artists who endure the wear and tear of balancing their common values with a unique but harsh career path in music. Bourne captures this sentiment in the video and track by not including typical structure in “Drowning”, instead opting for a monologue-like verse throughout the song. In the video, Bourne spends time walking through the city, writing in his room, and sitting on a park bench, which forms a simple story, but the verses he delivers resonate deeply with his simple journey throughout the day. 

Stuck in the house, Bourne’s life is “cha cha cha, but the bills still get paid.” Walking through the city streets, Bourne reveals insecurities by comparing himself to other artists, using the contrasts between them and himself to build his confidence. In the park, Bourne sifts through more genuine thoughts as he takes off his headphones and elaborates on “being on the grind… really getting to it… thinking through it stupid” and “the next step in [Bourne’s] path.” 

Abandoning typical musical structure, “Drowning” on its own can be a bit more open ended, but accompanied by the video and its simple journey, the thoughts we cycle and recycle through are captured more aptly by Bourne and his team.

Watch the new video for “Drowning” below and connect with Nkosi Bourne to watch for updates regarding new music.

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