Music is an art form that uses sound to create an emotional response in listeners. It can take many different forms, including pop, rock, classical, and hip-hop. Artists who create music are known as musicians, and they can be solo performers or part of a band or ensemble. Musicians use a variety of instruments, such as guitar, piano, and drums, as well as their own voices, to create and perform music.

Music has the ability to bring people together, to express emotions, and to tell stories. It can be enjoyed in a variety of settings, from concert halls and clubs to cars and headphones. It has been a part of human culture for thousands of years, and continues to evolve and change with new technologies and influences.

Artists who make music are diverse and come from different background, cultures and influences. They can be singer-songwriters, producers, band members, composers, etc. They often draw inspiration from their personal experiences, current events, and other artists. Some of the most popular and influential artists in recent years include Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, Taylor Swift, Drake and Ed Sheeran. They have millions of fans and followers, and their music is enjoyed by people all over the world.

He is trailblazing the way for hip hop/Rap and house music to merge here in the U.S. to bring both genres to the future.

The world is ready to be fully conscious and in the future. He did a radio interview for CJRU in Toronto for his 4 track EP back in 2020. His music was played on Chile electronic radio station. His biggest challenge was steeping outside the box and really do something new. Everyone is quick to judge the final product without realizing what I took to bring me here. He over came that weight by dedication and the fear that someone else wants his dream.

He wants this genre that he is creating to be the blueprint for the music in the future. Starting with hip hop/ rap. And next year he sees himself touring and showing the future of music. He wants these articles to fully turn the spot light on him at the highest level. He only gives you full permission to talk about him and his music. To promote his song You Know him and the music video along with his upcoming track that he likes that, Along with just major brand awareness.

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