In our quest to understand the different motivations that inspire vegan people in society, we had a one-on-one interview session with Cool Boy Bobby, a hip hop producer, in the last couple of years, he has collaborated with Lil Flip, 2’Live Bre, JC Gwalla, Pastor Troy, really creating a name for himself on the low low. Armed with questions centered on three thematic areas: what motivates people to turn vegan, the differences in these motivations for various demographic profiles, and the impact of these motivations on attitudes towards veganism, we engaged him in a very productive interview as detailed below. 

Question: Hi. Thank you to accepting to have an interview with us. We are honored to be here with you today and we believe you will help us understand the various motivations that inspire people to embrace veganism. Are you a vegan and if not have you come across a vegan? 

Answer: Hello, thank you for having me. My name is Cool Boy Bobby I am originally from Nashville Tennessee. I am a vegan. Being vegan means that you do not eat meat or any animal product. 

Question: Have any of your business associates tried going vegan in the past? And if so what was their experience like? 

Answer: Some have had a go at it in the past but found it challenging to sustain. They also dreaded the possibility of it turning out badly just like it was the case with their friends who reported rapid weight loss, loss of energy, developing obsessive eating disorders as well as their bodies being deprived of iron. Given these experiences, they are convinced that turning vegan has both positive and negative impacts on the human body. 

Question: Apart from the impact on human health, what other drawbacks do associate with veganism? What could be the other reasons that could make people turn vegan? 

Answer: Well, the majority of my friends feel that turning vegan comes with huge cost implications. A person who turns vegan eats a lot daily as the foods are low on calories and are expensive at the same time. The reason I turned vegan is due to health reasons, it is ethical since it ducks the probability of killing animals as well as being eco-friendly. 

Question: What are the motivations that drive various demographics to adopt this lifestyle? 

Answer: I can categorize the motivations into three groups namely ethical, environmental, and health improvement. In terms of age, younger people are easily persuaded to go vegan because of their easy access to technology tools and the internet. I also believe that there are no significant differences between both gender in terms of motivation as the adoption has been similar in both males and females. There are challenges to this issue too for instance younger people may face opposition from their parents should they decide to become vegan. This often may lead to ostracism. 

Question: How big is the sigma on veganism and how can this problem be solved? 

Answer: It is quite big since almost all vegans have reported some form of harassment from members of their families or friends. However, if we have more coverage by the mainstream media on the positive experiences of vegans can help combat these problems. Above everything, it is important to understand that every person has a unique motivation and objective they want to achieve while adopting a vegan lifestyle. Thus we should support them where we can. 

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