Have you ever heard of a 17yr old owning a brand, doing music and being involved in film & photography at the same time? Look no further than this rising artist NXTIVI, as he’s looking to leave his imprint in the game. Being versatile is one of the best gifts on earth, having unique abilities in multiple professions and using them to your advice to seek success. Currently, he’s inching his way up little by little in the underground scene, making noise anytime he drops new music, or takes stunning photos and visuals for other acts.

Musically, he started making beats at 12yrs old, as he practiced and worked his skills over the years. He combined a few sounds together to form his own. He understands that in this day and age, you have to stand out from the competition. Sonically, you can hear emo-rap mixed with singing to give more definition to his tracks. Each song brings a different emotion, which listeners can feel which is why his growing fanbase remains loyal this early in his career. Being born in South Carolina, he’s half African American and half Filipino he gained his name by incorporating family into his passion. His grandmother is from Natividad, so he kept the first half of the word and put an “x” where the “a” was originally. His catalog consists of a full length album titled “Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword” as well as many other singles in his body of work. A few years back he gained over 200,000 streams on his song “So in Love”, which is a great milestone for anyone so young! All of his songs are also mixed and mastered by NXTIVI himself.

Hunger and passion is something he has, which is why he decided to leave his 9-5 job back in high school. Currently, he owns his own self developed and self owned brand called “No Rebel”. Watch out for him as his talents will take him many places. You never know, you may see him directing a film in the future or taking photos for some of the biggest individuals for brands we know! Investing his hard earned money into himself and his brand, is the reason why he will be successful in due time!






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