Ismael Gabasau is a painter and musician who has recently released a brand new studio work named “The Art of Seeing Through.” As soon as you hit the play button, you’ll immediately notice that a lot of care and focus went into making this release. Ismael Gabasau is the kind of artist who loves to ensure that everything is as perfect as possible. As a result, his personality shines through the music, and the emotional quality of the release shines through.

The production quality offers a clear, dynamic, and well-conceived listening experience. In contrast, the song offers a deeper glimpse into Ismael Gabasau’s impressive songwriting chops and ability to make music that is extremely enjoyable and appealing to a very broad audience.

Find out more about Ismael Gabasau and listen to “The Art of Seeing Through.” This release is highly recommended to fans of personal yet far-reaching and innovative music.

Ismael wrote his first song “Sour and Sweet” while he was painting a copper butterfly on a blue background. His first intention was to paint, not to write a song.┬áThat painting was his way to express the sadness and lack of understanding about the death of his uncle in the middle of the pandemic.

When Ismael Gabasau is in front of a canvas, the blank space draws him into introspection. The canvas invites Ismael to ask the right questions, but most of those questions are not clear and he often needs to paint them in order to reach self-awareness. For Ismael, that blank space is a reflection of his inner light, and only in that solitude do feelings and memories come up with such clarity that they can be shaped into different forms of art. He takes those emotions and mixes them with the melodies in his head in order to translate them into songs.

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