New Jersey artist Dzh has shared a fresh new single called “Peace of Mind”. Dzh is a double threat with sharp skills as both a rapper and producer, developed through years of hard work and experimentation. Building a burgeoning, dedicated fanbase through engaging projects like his 2019 debut Under This Hoodie and 2020’s The Durag Tape and La Vita Nuova with Oklahoma native Levi Hinson, he has consistently displayed passionate, focused songwriting across his discography. His newest release is “Peace of Mind”, a jazz-tinged cut that demonstrates his penchant for introspective, focused lyricism, as well as his keen ear for melodies and drum work.

Containing laid-back, tranquil instrumentation and hypnotic grooves, “Peace of Mind” employs elegant boom-bap production to a strong effect, creating a tantalizing foundation for Dzh’s sleek flows and intelligent lyricism. He shines as a vocalist here, showing much focus across pensive verses that draw the listener in to this song’s mesmerizing atmospherics. “Peace of Mind” feels poised and calming overall, providing a moment of peace from this chaotic world around us, and in doing so lives up to its namesake in a cohesive fashion.

Overall, “Peace of Mind” marks another sharply-crafted release from Dzh, representing a solid beginning to the new year. This new single has us excited for what may be coming next from him, as he continues to expand his fast-growing discography.

Listen to “Peace of Mind” below:

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