When it comes to a music producer’s role, which is very important might I add, this can often be overlooked. With all due respect, the artist and the producer are equally yoked in the creation of a song. A lot of times the creative process of the producer’s work gives the artist the idea to create their content. Sure the artist delivers lyrics and melodies that we all fall in love with but that same can be said about that hard hitting or chill beat that they delivered it over. We have all heard a song that the artist sucked or a great artist missed the mark lyrically, but the beat carried the weight. The same can be said for a beat that isn’t moving at all but the artist snapped on it and made it work to become a song that will stand the test of time.

Malik “Leek” is a producer that hails from Maryland and represents the DMV area as a whole that has quite an impress track record that he looks to continue building. If you’re ever around him, he has a distinct aura that will leave a lasting impression on you for sure. His positive vibes is contagious and you can hear the good flow of energy in his work. Leek has had the pleasure of producing for artist such as Roy Woods, HoodRich Pablo Juan, Ralo, Daze Suave, Bali Baby, A$AP Ant, Goonew (RIP), Scarfo Da Plug,   Rx Peso, Hardo, Ar-ab, Lil Reek, HollyWood YcDice Soho and Lil Haiti along with a plethora of others! Let’s see what else interesting Leek shared when he got “Caught N’Da Web”! 

Spyder: Let’s start with a question of clarification. When I first met you, you were using the tag name “WhiteBoy” but now you go by the tag name “Leek”. Why the change?

Leek: What made me change my tag name, is nothing more than growth. Over time I started getting more connected with myself and studying history which led me to rebrand myself with a different mindset. The previous name “WhiteBoy” was giving to me growing up because in the area I grew up in there were a lot of guys named Malik. So at a young age, I would say around six grade they started categorizing us, they started calling me “WhiteBoy” and I just ran with it.

Spyder: Ok, I definitely know how that goes. So are you bi-racial?

Leek: No, my family is full of mixed people but I’m majority Native American and Black. They basically categorized me as “WhiteBoy” off my appearance and the fact I used to play the guitar, violin and skateboard, so that helped them with that sh*t {laughter}.

Spyder: {Laughter} Ok, cool. So where are you from?

Leek: PG County! I’m originally from District Heights, Maryland, I was raised in Forrest Creek. I represent the whole DMV area but I’m a Maryland baby.

Spyder: How long have your been producing?

Leek: Man, probably 7/8 years now. I’ve been at it serious about five. I started around the time I was in middle school, just messing around with it but after I graduated I started meeting different people and taking it seriously seeing that we could actually make music.

Spyder: I heard you say that you use to play the guitar and violin, so it’s safe to say you were always into music. Where do you think your passion for music came from? Did you come from a family of musicians or perhaps picked it up from attending church?

Leek: Yes from day one, I’ve been into music. As far as the passion for music, it’s not the family musicians but my whole family love for music in general. When I was growing up, I heard a lot of live music. Especially when I was at my grandmother’s home, I heard nothing but the “oldies” and they were strictly vinyls so nothing but that soulful sound. She used to be singing while cooking in the kitchen and you already mentioned church, which she made us attend. She made us go to church every Sunday, forced us with no option bro. The church band would always be jumping, so everything that was music related I felt it. When I got to middle school I started playing the violin.

Spyder: So the violin was your first instrument and from there you went to playing the guitar? I am a huge fan of the sound the electric guitar create, even though I cannot play {laughter} but what kind of guitar did you play?

Leek: Correct. After the violin, I started taking guitar lessons. I played the electric guitar and started out learning Blues and working the pentatonic scale then moved into Metal, which I played a lot of.

Spyder: How would you describe your style of production?

Leek: It’s unorthodox bro! I don’t even go into it with a game plan. I more so look for sounds that make me feel some type of way or make my brain get some type of energy bolt. It’s never me trying to make science out of it, I rather aim for something that I feel and that I enjoy the most.

Spyder: If you could choose one producer to work with, who would it be and why?

Leek: Man, I would have to say Hitmaka and my reason is he has the business blueprint. He knows how to blow artist up and he’s been relevant since his Yung Berg days. So just being able to see how that works to the fine detail and get some game on that to learn would be crazy.

Spyder: If you could work with one artist outside of traditional rap, who would it be?

Leek: I would have to say Jelly Roll. I really be vibe’n to his music and he is a really dope artist!

Spyder: If you could produce for one artist outside of your normal genre of music, who would be?

Leek: I would have to say Anuel AA. That’ll be dope to tap into the Latin Urbano genre.

Spyder: What’s the furthest your production has reached that you are aware of?

Leek: Japan! I worked with an artist name Hiyadam. We linked on several tracks! Wakaranai {**Epilepsy Warning**}, Glow and Kininaru no? to name a few.

Spyder: That’s dope! Have you ever lost your passion for producing?

Leek: No! Not at all. I have went down and felt the fire and flames but then you also have to readjust your mindset and know everything isn’t instant because you want things right now.

Spyder: Ok, so what drives you? What’s your motivation to keep producing, because you mentioned you been down and felt the fire and flames but never lost that desire, so tell me a little about that.

Leek: The enjoyment! It gives me that dopamine, its like anything else you get happy off in life. It’s like I can go through a bad day, receive horrible news, all that kind of stuff and the moment I start making one beat all that is already leaving my body and by the time I’d made two or three more beats I’m feeling better. I’m in a whole different mindset you know, so I do appreciate the fact that it can do that and it’s not like a substance or anything. I don’t have to drink or smoke to get that feeling, I can use this as another outlet.

Spyder: That’s dope! Outside of music, what are some things you like to do?

Leek: I love the outdoors, nature in general. I appreciate the animals and trees and the vibes that you get from them. I love to go fishing as well, all of that gets me away from the concrete.

Spyder: That’s a vibe to connect with nature in such a way. Do you ever take your laptop with you and create beats?

Leek: I’ve only done that twice and both times was on vacation. The first time was in the mountains of Deep Creek, Maryland while it was snowing, that was tough! The second time was at the beach but that time wasn’t so good because of the sand. The sand can really mess your equipment up not to mention the sun cooking it if it’s not properly protected {laughter}.

Spyder: {Laughter} Makes sense. What would you say has been your biggest challenge being a producer?

Leek: Understanding the business flow. That’s probably it {Laughter}. I know it’s a blueprint to everything but right now I’m still Rubik’s cubing the process until I can get it to a consistency.

Spyder: What’s some advice you would give to the young inspiring producers coming up? Whether it be mistakes to avoid or embracing the mistakes as they happen, what’s your thoughts?

Leek: One thing I would tell them, all money ain’t good money that goes for everything though. Secondly, make what you want to make! You got to always make your sound, you can’t just try to copy someone else’s sound step by step. In a way when you are in the beginning stages, you kind of try to emulate whatever sound is your favorite but at the end of the day you can’t make that your objective to sound like someone else because it’s going crazy. This applies to artist too! If you rap, and you claim to be on something new and next level but you sounding like everyone else with the same flow and material. You always have to make stuff for your style and your vibe and you have to stick with that because it’s going to be someone out there that rocks with it.

Spyder: If you could go back and tell your younger self something what would it be?

Leek: You shouldn’t have fell off the YouTube game. I was on YouTube uploading beats and when I go back and show my little cousins my old material and how horrible it used to be I notice the views. I should have kept uploading because it gain views over time. Creating a snowball effect and helping my current online business. I would had been able to have a fanbase that would have kept listening and checking for when new stuff dropped. Basically growing with me as I grow.

Spyder: So stick to the process and make adjustments as need it. Can you describe your creative process, like what gets you in that zone?

Leek: What gets me in the zone? The mood for the day. The mood sets the tone and however I am feeling is the route that I am going to go. Whichever sounds help me express that feeling.

Spyder: Ok, so have you ever went into making a beat based off a particular mood then something happened and you shifted it? Do you stop the process or find a way to blend them?

Leek: Hell yeah! If it’s too drastic I will try to mash them but if its something that goes naturally and my body says that this joint just went up a notch, then I’ll let it take that route. That’s God’s purpose and you don’t want to go against the grain for some comfort you have currently. You want to be able to experiment doing new and different things each time you do something or even tweaking it a little differently than last time. When you hear it, you will notice subtle things that will be different.

Spyder: What’s some of your biggest inspirations?

Leek: My biggest inspiration is the team I be around now. Growing up you had certain groups you were around and everyone spread out over time. In high school right before I graduated is when I really noticed that. Also, at that time I met up with Roger Beat and a few other people and from then on it became more like a family and a mentorship thing. I really appreciate everyone around me and that alone fuels me and shows me that anything is possible when you have the right team. It also helps your brain to keep growing and developing in this business. I also get inspiration from books and researching articles about other successful people helps out a lot.

Spyder: What do you feel is your least favorite part about being a producer?

Leek: The lack of respect sometimes. Sometimes that interaction can be horrible but there are artist that are cool and understands the importance of our relationship.

Spyder: Understandable, what’s something you would want your followers to know?

Leek: That I would like for everyone to spread peace and positivity. Be a good vibe to life.

Spyder: Would you say that is a fair description of you, a positive influencer? A person that tries to look for the good in things, is that who you are?

Leek: Most definitely! I try not to dwell in negativity, life is too short to be on that type time.

Spyder: I would agree because every time I’ve been around you, whether it been in a musical aspect or breaking bread you have always had that positive energy. Who inspired you to want to become a producer?

Leek: Inspiration came from them Southside & Lex Luger days! {Laughter} Damn near the whole world got inspired by them. {Laughter} That set it off for me.

Spyder: If you could produce an entire project with one artist, who would you choose?

Leek: Umm, that’s a good a question {Laughter} You had to throw one more at me!

Spyder: {Laughter} Aiight! We can save that for next time! I definitely appreciate your time and getting “Caught N’Da Web” with me!

Leek: No doubt! It’s all love!

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