January 2023 – $. Bravo has recently released a brand new single called “Straight to the Bank,” which also features  Production from W.M.P. (Wayne Manor Productions)This is a fantastic way to start the year, as it highlights the artist’s willingness to keep setting the bar higher and come up with some unique and one-of-a-kind tones, inspired by old-school hip-hop, while also featuring a contemporary sound. The production of the instrumental is truly impressive. On one hand, it really allows the bass to jump out, and the kick drum really hits hard. On the other, there are many layers of melody, which allow for a more nuanced approach. The vocals are truly outstanding, showcasing the rapper’s ability to lock in with the beat and deliver a very articulate and impressive flow. From incisive and impactful vibes, down to powerful and punchy dynamics, it’s impossible not to feel the massive groove from the moment you hit that play button!

“Straight to the Bank” by $. Bravo & W.M.P is a very thought-provoking piece of music, and it is definitely something for you to consider if you enjoy the work of artists such as Rick Ross, Nas, Tupac Shakur, Kendrick Lamar, and Big L. The beat has a beefy, energetic tone, and $. Bravo’s musicianship offers a truly focused and one-of-a-kind sound. As an artist, $. Bravo is able to let his personality shine through, and this piece of music feels like a powerful creative statement from a musician with a lot to say.

Find out more about $. Bravo and listen to “Straight to the Bank,” his collaboration with Wayne Manor Productions. This release is going to be available on all  the major digital streaming platforms January 13th.

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