Rellz Tha Postman is a Hip Hop Artist/ Digital Creator from Petersburg Virginia. He has been working on solo projects and group albums since 2001 with artist such as his brother Christobal The Vision, Denny Mild, D Swiss, T Money, King Mista, William Street, ILL Badaa and others. He Started his journey in production after getting lessons from his cousin G Stacks back in 2003. In 2012 he turned his hunger for great music and art into a active music/art label called Flyah Entertainment where they have several hip hop acts, clothing lines, story writers and a comic division called Area 613 Comics. Rellz Tha Postman also developed his own universe under the name Storm Valley which is centered around the characters like Professor Faultly, White Knuckles, The Sorry and Cool Robots and more! Rellz is also a firm believer in the universal laws and the creator, so he strives to raise his vibration when facing life challenges

Fishing is peaceful a pass time for the postman! The lifestyle of being a hustler is time consuming and stressful. In the late hours he also finds a similar zone for creation where he cases new ideas. The metaphor of fishing for dreams tonight depicts the young phenom searching for the next venture to express as a trophy like a river trout. Tales of his journey in the 804 streets are expressed poetically across the 7 track EP


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