The fan-favorite single, ‘Drop Top’, which Co Saint wrote himself, was released late 2022. The single has been trending across social media platforms and has landed countless Spotify playlist placements.

Co Saint shows consistency and legendary grind in his work ethic. This will not be a name you will see come and go in the hip hop industry. Co Saint is destined for greatness and shows no signs of letting up the pressure.

There is a natural tendency towards risk aversion – literally, our brains are wired to respond more quickly to negative information, which means we are more likely to act in fear of the consequences of taking a risk. While it may be tempting to play it safe, stay small, and keep quiet, big risks can take you to the next level no matter what career path you choose, and the music industry is no different.

He does not prefer to be called a musician, though. Co Saint describes himself as a creative rather than a musician.He seeks creativity, and when he finds it, he makes a piece of art from it. For Co Saint, music means life; being alive, being there. Through his music, he wants to show his presence, his style, and his vintage point. He produces records and edits his songs himself.

He is known for making abstract music and is a true lover of abstract art.

There aren’t many modern artists with distinctive styles more intriguing than Co Saint’s. CoSaint has honed a style that goes beyond what he refers to as “regular music,” providing a whole creative experience that can be challenging to understand and even more challenging to describe. Keep following the amazing artist on social media to get daily updates.

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