Cheedoe, Lead Artist & Owner of MTR Ent LLC., has used his own career as a stepping stone to take his business to the next level.

MTR Ent LLC. Is ultimately, a record and distribution company that focuses on making a very high level of music. The company, “MTR,” or More Than Rap, is living up to its name as the company has just branded itself in recent years. Cheedoe being real name, (Joshua Wallace) is American rapper from the city of Milwaukee which is located in Wisconsin, just 90 miles north of Chicago.

Over the years Cheedoe has often faced triumphs and setbacks that ultimately made him want to give up! When asked about what motivated him to regain his passion,? He simply stated, “Consistency!” Cheedoe since the release of his first single in 2020, has applied the same formula to each body of work he releases, the fans seem to love it.

Since a young age, Cheedoe has always been into creating music. He credits: Lil’ Wayne, and GucciMan as some of his biggest inspirations growing up. Just like Gucci and Wayne themselves, this MKE Artist has put in the work to show he’s here for the long haul.

Cheedoe, runs his own label as well as provides services for other artists. Weather it’s marketing, “PR” work or Press, Cover Art, artist Management, you name it! Over the years he has established a great rapport with fans and family with in his city and is continuously trying to learn, which will better perfect his craft.

“Cheedoe’s Legacy,” hosted by @DjLegacy is now available on all streaming Platforms.

More Than Rap started years ago from a vision cheedoe had as a child, wanting to make music as well as understand the business side of marketing and branding. Cheedoe, did attend a few years of college after he graduated H.S. and has since said, “It doesn’t matter how much how you learn, it’s easier to sell the real you, good or bad.” A real key factor in marketing says the label head.

So far, Cheedoe is looking to work with new personnel that love there craft. MTR Ent. Will always stand on morals and principals states cheedoe. He is set to roll out a major project which will be released in 2023. That is much anticipated amongst his fans and Hiphop heads all around the world.

You can book PR services From (MTR Ent. LLC Now on Google.”)

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