Laugh Now Cry Later is a Single release featuring Willie T and Flame La Sauce. The song was produced by Fabo Beatz. Laugh Now Cry Later is to motivate you to live your life fully. It encourages you to take action and think about the consequences later because most of the time we consider the consequences first to make a rational decision, but that could lead us astray from our goals. You need to wake up, realize that your dreams are real, but live fully in the moment.

Willie T The Hitmaker is the newest artist in the market of hip-hop, his music is unique, he has his own style, inspired by an eclectic range of artists from different genres. He describes his experiences through his songs, the street life that almost took his life. He survived a gunshot wound, kidnapping, and ambushing and lives to tell the story to turn someone else’s life around. Willie was always encouraged by his grandparents; who kept the light lit in his eyes. His eyes tell the story. Born and educated in Dade County, Florida one of the highest crime capital for gang violence, high school delinquency, drop out, violence and crime. Willie T saw and experienced a great deal of violence, which reflects in his music. Dade County is home, his heartbeat. Despite the obscurities in his life, Willie persevered and catapulted into a new breed. He was a victim of domestic violence that was passed down from generations determined to be different and not lose the curse innate and limit his life his vision and love for music birth many songs, and beats for the last six years. He built his own mini studio and spent limitless hours working day and night doing what he loved best; music there he expressed his fears, his hope, the politics, the street politics, and the street laws.


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