PSY Trippa and Dark Universe have recently announced on social media that they will be releasing their new upcoming single, “Tricka” come January.

Like the rest of the music industry, making an entry into the rap scene can be challenging for any rapper. It’s a vibrant and modest sector with extreme competition. Therefore, it demands talent and passion for the rap game for success to come your way. Unfortunately, rappers from countries with the least alternative hip-hop fan base need to work extra hard to prove their talent.

Born in Dubai, PSY Trippa is one of the few talents rising against the odds to hit the mainstream. He is a uniquely gifted rapper with an authentic style that takes over the airwaves. His innate talent has seen him build one of the loyal fan bases that follow him throughout the country.

Kenosha, Wisconsin based rapper, Dark Universe, also shows consistency and legendary grind in his work ethic. With three years in the rap game, this will not be a name you will see come and go in the hip hop industry. Dark Universe is destined for greatness and shows no signs of letting up the pressure.

Make sure to stay tuned with PSY Trippa and Dark Universe on Instagram for the release of the new single!

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