When it comes to the music out of Virginia, there is no secret that the state is divided into three primary sectors by area codes, arguably. The southeast (757), mid-way (804) and the north (540, 571/703) but what is not up for debate is the talent the commonwealth state produces. Ella Fitzgerald, Timberland, Pharrell Williams (Neptunes), Bink!, Chris Brown, Missy Elliot, Pusha T (Clipse) and Trey Songz to name a few have all either pioneered, changed or impacted music in such a manner that they have reserved a spot at the table of legends. So with that being said, it only makes sense to keep your eyes on rising talent from Virginia that is making noise because they just may be the next one added to that list. TPP Ghost has been shaking the DMV (D.C, Maryland & Virginia) scene up with emphasis on NoVA with his latest two drops “Don’t Slip” and “Ride With Me“! I had a chance to sit down with TPP Ghost and pick his brain a little bit and I must say I was very impressed.

Spyder: What’s up TPP Ghost! Let’s start with some simple questions and then dive a little deeper. For starters, where are you from?

TPP Ghost: I was born in Alexandria, Virginia. I’m from the Richmond Highway side of Alexandria.

Spyder: How would you describe your personal style?

TPP Ghost: I would say my style is very unique and confident. I kind of do my own thing and it seems to grab people attention. I don’t seek the attention but it seems to gravitate towards me because of the way I carry myself. For the people that genuinely know me, they say I am very outgoing but I’m very to myself and somewhat secretive with things. I really don’t like too much attention but I welcome the attention if that makes sense. I’m adjusting to the increased attention I should say.

Spyder: How would you describe your style as it relates to music, does your personal style match your music?

TPP Ghost: Yeah, definitely because in my music I talk about my life and feelings within and I don’t go seeking attention but the way it comes out have people gravitating towards it. That’s why in the music aspect a lot of people want to hear what I have to say but personally I don’t care to be like front line with my business or feelings and what I have going on. My music has been a way for me to showcase that. I’m kind of vulnerable in my music because I express how I feel more and really use my music as an outlet. My music would give you more of me than I naturally would, if that makes sense.

Spyder: It definitely makes sense. You are growing as an artist at an accelerated rate so the journey is forcing you out of your comfort zone. Who would you say are some of your biggest influencers?

TPP Ghost: My biggest influencer is, damn that’s a good question, I never really thought about it before. I will say my father is one for sure. Umm but not that I don’t really look up to anyone but I am influenced by stuff that goes on within my life. Not really people specifically but situations from like sports, school, streets or growing up with my family. My mother is a big influence and so is my sisters but I kind of just take a lot from everybody. I take little bits and pieces of how they live their life or from situations they’ve been through. You {Spyder} are a big influence to me, my manager Roger Beat. I know usually influencers are viewed as older people but for me it’s anybody because I feel like you can learn something from anyone. Young, old, white, black, hispanic, it doesn’t matter because I have a very diverse group of friends and I have learned a lot from all of them.

Spyder: I see that your most recent single you dropped called “Ride With Me” produced by Roger Beat and Double A Music has been going crazy.

TPP Ghost: For sure, they produced “Don’t Slip” as well, which really put things in motion.

Spyder: No doubt, both tracks are dope! I have a question specifically to “Ride With Me”, what creative space were you in when you created that song?

TPP Ghost: My good friend “Ru” (Ralph) had just passed away. He passed away in August, it had been a good summer for us then that happened and it hit us pretty hard. It took a toll on our whole area so it was a feeling that I just went off to create that song. Even though the song is not a whole tribute to him, it is how I started it because of how I was feeling. The video for the song for anyone that hasn’t seen it, is like a real dope vibe and a dedication to him that his memory continue to live on.

Spyder: Okay, that’s understandable. So basically you was set out to spread light at a very dark time.

TPP Ghost: Right, it’s not a sad song but an uplifting song and still giving him his flowers and keeping his name alive.

Spyder: Have you had a chance to work with any prominent artist?

TPP Ghost: I have worked with people that will be prominent. {Laughter}

Spyder: There you go, that’s a fair answer!

TPP Ghost: I got a tie right now, a three way tie for me, that’s really prominent in my eyes. My brother Nuge which is a very good friend of mine. He is actually the one who got me started with making music. He took me to my first studio session ever, when I was about 17, way before I took rapping serious. I worked with Nige and he’s another serious talent and when me and him in the studio it’s an undeniable hit for sure! My first song I dropped, “100 Shots” I made it in Supreme Dae closet, so definitely shout out to him and the other guys. I’m going to keep showing love to them and shout their names out every chance I get. Without them I may not have been taking it this serious. We all doing our own little thing but hopefully we come back together and do things when we all get big.

Spyder: How long have you been rapping?

TPP Ghost: I’ve been taking it serious for about a year. I would say when I started working with BTO (Beat The Odds Entertainment) is when I started really believing in it, you know. I ain’t gonna lie if I don’t see any results or see it going anywhere I really wouldn’t take it serious at all. Working with BTO made me buckle down and really believe I could do this.

Spyder: Ok, so how long would you say you been messing around with it?

TPP Ghost: Well you know nowadays everyone kind of have their house studios, you know music is fun. So back in the days I think I recorded my first song in school. I was skipping class because my school was big and they had music and art area that had like a recording studio. One of my friends found it, so we was like we bout to start recording music. Started skipping class and would be in there for a couple of hours. Everybody use to be rocking to it! I used to play sports so I never was taking it serious, I didn’t care how hard the song was it was just fun to me.

Spyder: So you really serious about now?

TPP Ghost: Yeah, I mean I had a little buzz around the way back then but I still wasn’t locked in like I am now. My practice is in the studio and I go to the studio all the time which made me fall in love with it. That’s what I like, for things to be genuine. I wasn’t going to rush the process but now I genuinely like being in the studio, I really care about it now.

Spyder: I heard you mention that Nuge kind of got you started, how was that process and what was it like?

TPP Ghost: I met him through sports, we were teammates. He was already making music and one time we was together he let me hear it and that shit was hard! I was like damn he can rap. So I played one of the songs I had made in school and he was like “damn bruh that shit was hard you got to keep rapping”. I was like nah {laughter} but I remember the first time I went to the studio with him. He from D.C., I’m from Virginia but his mom came from D.C. and picked me up at like 8am in Virginia then drove me all the way to Baltimore, Md where his studio session was. At the time I wasn’t rapping, I didn’t care about it but I sat in his 8hr session just for something to do. At the last hour of his session he said I think you should hop in the booth and just do something since you been sitting in here all day. I did and the rest is history!

Spyder: How did that make you feel?

TPP Ghost: I’m very thankful for him and his mother because had she not made that sacrifice to come get me and take me there and him pushing me, I probably wouldn’t be where I am right now. So I know that’s my brother for life!

Spyder: That’s dope! So I heard you mention you two were teammates, what sport?

TPP Ghost: I played soccer when I was younger. I was like that! {laughter}

Spyder: What are some of your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to music?

TPP Ghost: I think some of my strengths are I’m very versatile, I can go any way with it and I don’t ever put myself in a box with music. I believe I can hop on anything and still make it me. I think that’s my biggest strength, I’m going to make it “Ghostione”. My shit is very authentic and real and if you can relate you can relate but I think that’s one of my weaknesses too not making my music relatable to more people. It comes with time though.

Spyder: So you basically working to expand your content?

TPP Ghost: Correct, but I don’t like saying weaknesses because I don’t think I have weaknesses {laughter} just things I need to work on to get better at. Like when I played soccer, I hated when people said my left foot was my weakness, nah I’m still nice with it just have to get better. That’s my mindset with things.

Spyder: I can definitely hear the confidence in you. What advice would you give to the artist that’s just starting out in the music game?

TPP Ghost: Always be you, no matter where you from or what you got going on because you never know who’s going to like you. Just because people around you may not like you it’s close to eight billion people in the world, somebody going to like what you got going on. Be you and trust in yourself and what you have going on. Music is a mind game and without confidence it’s going to be hard. Keep working on your craft, trust God and take advantage of the opportunities you have around you. If you have a good team around you trust them or put a good team around you that you can trust.

Spyder: What’s some things you would like your fans to know about you?

TPP Ghost: I want them to know that I love them! Being a fan of someone is very hard nowadays so for someone to be a fan of you, from the bottom of my heart I love it. The support! It is so hard to support people these days so for someone to genuinely like what I have going on is dope. My music is very personal to me so for people to really listen to my music and love it, that shit mean the world to me.

Spyder: If you had the opportunity to work with one mainstream artist, who would you select and why?

TPP Ghost: Can I name more than one? {Sure} I would say right now I been on Friday and Vory, I would definitely like to work with them. I would also say Ed Sheeran because I am big fan of him, Burna Boy and Tems because I love her voice.

Spyder: What is it that attracts you to Tems voice or style?

TPP Ghost: You can hear the African roots in her voice that has such an angelic and authentic sound. I’m from Sierra Leone even though I was born here, my folks are from there and I visit from time to time so I really want to touch my people back in Africa. So I feel like her and I would do something special together musically.

Spyder: So speaking of Sierra Leone, what’s some advice you would give to artist there that want to pursue music like yourself?

TPP Ghost: With Sierra Leone being one of the smaller countries in West Africa there are still big artist there that just haven’t broken the surfaces like Tems, Wiz Kid, Davido and Burna Boy but I feel we have the same talent and great music just waiting for someone to really open that door. If that can be me, helping shine that light or give them more confidence I’m all for it. As far as advice, trust your plan and the process and don’t be afraid to link with other countries setting aside pride and ego.

Spyder: May be a sign from God, your team “Beat The Odds” has a powerful statement within itself. Maybe you can be that beacon of light to show them that anything is possible.

Spyder: Last question, what does TPP mean?

TPP Ghost: Trust Power Prosperity

Spyder: Got it! That concludes this interview and I wish you nothing but success on your journey.

TPP Ghost: Thank you and I appreciate the interview.

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