There are many styles of music and many various ways in which to enjoy them. This is only rivaled by the number of people on the planet that have invented them. Through out history the various evolutions of traditions have used music as part of their cultures, ceremonies, and religions. However, one thing has always been unique to all of these things – the musicians themselves – the ones making the music. The thinkers that have invested much of their lives to inventing and reinventing the muse. CheekoFUE is just that a Hip Hop artist from Miami who used to sell dope now he sales hope.he is an inspiration to the world. He is someone who was able to find a way to transform his negatives to positives through music. For this Christmas he will be involved in a toy drive to bring gifts to underprivileged families .

A penny saved may be a penny earned, just as a penny spent may begin to better the world. Cheeko is also part of an annual back to school give away we’re they are given away TVs , book bags, haircuts, school supplies, food, and will have live performances. Cheeko has become a philanthropist and is very family and community orientated .

currently with 3 songs on fm radio with Dj Jelly @djjelly4real
“ONE”. “MOTION” w/ @Yoson_Tala007
“COUPLE RACKS” wI @gankgaank36
His Next project “BUCK THE JACK” will be releasing 1st quarter of 2023. Cheeko also shares he has a reggae record with platinum reggae artist DON YUTE called
“BBLnWNE” and a Latin trap project set to be released called “ASTA LA MUELTE”. With many accomplishments under Cheeko’s belt many more are still to come.

To stay locked in with CheekoFUE tap the links below.

Music: SINGLE – Couple Racks

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