Massachusetts artist Jxylen has shared a deluxe version of his PROJECT MAYHEM LP from earlier this year, with PROJECT MAYHEM: FIGHT CLUB EDITION. Following up his full-length debut album PROJECT MAYHEM, he is getting ready to end this chaotic era with this new instalment, which has added 4 potent tracks to the album’s run time. The 23 year old artist continues to touch on the corruption of the social constructs we live in, as well the influence of the media and politics as it still bothers him. On PROJECT MAYHEM: FIGHT CLUB EDITION, he expands upon the foundation he built with his debut album to provide an expansion pack of 4 songs that discuss powerful ideas of social critique atop raw, surreal instrumentals.

Jxylen holds nothing back with PROJECT MAYHEM: FIGHT CLUB EDITION, delivering hard-hitting lines that are often highly personal as well as sharply critical of society and political systems. The 4 additional songs are varied and dynamic as well, with the ethereal sounds of “ALIVE!” contrasting with the dark intensity of “STILL TIRED” with its bone-rattling bassline. Then you have posse cut “SKT 3”, which includes imposing verses from Dayvii and KENZO. That find them showcasing a natural chemistry with Jxylen’s poignant flows. 

A strong release that finds Jxylen continuing to build upon his thoughtful yet raw sound and sixth sense for abstract production and flows, PROJECT MAYHEM: FIGHT CLUB EDITION carves its own lane within the underground hip-hop space and has us excited for what may be coming next from the East Coast up-and-comer as we enter 2023.

Listen to PROJECT MAYHEM: FIGHT CLUB EDITION below and get familiar with Jxylen:

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