Wolfsta is an on the rise musician originally from Bulgaria. He is ready to make his break in mainstream markets. Growing up he tried everything from sports to art, but there was something about music that urged him to look deeper in that area. He stated “Making music just felt right”. Aftering growing up overseas he eventually moved to the United States to Atlanta, GA to expand his musical fanbase and overall growth. His art is his life and he wants to make his mark and presence known in the industry. While creating in his earlier years he honed in on his sound and uniqueness. His sound channeled Pop/Trap vibes. His songs definitely cater to his sound and vocal cadences. His records generally speak on his personal relationships and his current environment. Wolfstas music is his own truths and personal life stories. 

Currently he and another artist named Zoot have linked up to create a hit record for Wolfstas EP. The song is titled “All My Life” which is also the name of the EP. Zoot resonates with his listeners and gives them all a personal experience that is relatable. Zoot gained major notoriety after generating a buzz from his song “+” with SoFaygo and his self-titled mixtape “Zoot” with Donny Bravo!, BHM Zone and 1122 Records members. Him and Wolfsta mesh exceptionally well for Wolfstas debut single off of his EP. You’ll definitely want this song on your playlist !

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