Fitness is a hot topic at the moment. People admire healthy, tanned, trim fitness models and seek to emulate their healthy physiques. They see how happy these fitness models look and realize that they too would like to lose a few pounds and reduce the risks of dying early.

Back in the ’80s and ‘90s, you could get away with putting on a few exercise videos and working out in front of your TV. The world has moved on a long way since then, though, and we have a new generation of Instagram fitness models and trainers showing the world how you can live a healthier lifestyle. One such fitness trainer who is catching everyone’s eye is Dany Martin Paul.

Fitness Entrepreneur Dany Martin Paul is a Fitness Model, Trainer, a Nutritionist and an Influencer who has gained popularity due to his impressive track record and successful transformations. He is the founder of DMP Fitness, a fitness establishment and Revolution Nutrition, a dietary supplement and apparel brand.

DMP Fitness is a fitness establishment that helps its members have unique bodies, metabolisms and lifestyles. The establishment specializes in fitness & nutrition education, fat loss, athletic strength & conditioning, rehab for back pain, exercise referral specialist, neuro-fitness (brain based conditions), kid’s fitness and strength 

They have a Private Gym, Online Coaching and a 1 on 1 coaching for its members. Throughout these years, . If you want to know about how they train or what their fitness regimes are like, you can even book a free strategy session before enrolling with them. Some of his fitness programs include Functional Body Composition, Low Equipment/Body Weight, Custom Nutrition Coaching and the Online Programs.  

On the other hand, Revolution Nutrition is a dietary supplement company focused around performance and longevity–specifically with a focus on correcting mineral deficiency with a new category of supplementation to increase health span, focus, blood sugar management, and sleep quality. Its products include Proteins, Pre Workout Supplements, Amino Acids, Intra Workout Supplements, Post Workout Supplements, Immune Boosting Supplements, Weight Management and Carbohydrate Supplements. The brand also sells merchandise for men and women.

The one factor through which Dany Martin Paul has revolutionized the business is that he doesn’t teach or train confined within the four walls of a room or in the same city where he lives. He’s upgraded himself digitally and provides online training too! His personal training sessions and nutrition coaching have helped many male and female clients achieve their goals for fitness and physique / figure transformation over the years. Whether you’re looking to get fit for life, lose those last few stubborn kilos, or tone up for a special occasion, Personal Trainer Dany Martin Paul can make you achieve your goals.

“The health sector has seen an absolute kink in the past few years. Also at present the aftermath of the viral outbreak is such that every single person is actively investing his time on his health and fitness,” says Danny who has been helping people achieve the fitness of their dreams through social media and other digital platforms.

Social Media, especially Instagram, is now the ‘in’-place for fitness coaches and nutritionists, many of whom have an incredible number of followers. “The main reason for social media’s importance isn’t image, however. Fitness Coaches are on the platform because it gives them an easy way to reach out to their followers who they can encourage to follow through and meet their own fitness goals.” says entrepreneur Dany Martin Paul.

Well, as rightly said, he adds, “This can be as simple as sharing images of a healthy breakfast, with a caption linking to the recipe. It could be a video tutorial on how to carry out a particular exercise. Or it could be before and after shots, to motivate people to lose weight.”

According to Dany Martin Paul, almost everyone is looking to take their fitness to the next level. Whether they are new to exercising or the gym might be their second home but working with a fitness coach helps reach health and fitness goals. In today’s date, you won’t find any fitness freak without a coach!

To be where fitness influencer Dany Martin Paul has reached now, is a dream for thousands of fitness trainers and he helps upcoming young fitness enthusiasts to establish themselves as pioneer fitness trainers too. He has more than 460K followers on Instagram where he actively shares his training routines and pictures of his absolutely amazing and aesthetic Body.

Due to his immense popularity, several brands have collaborated with him and he endorses their products. Dany has a strong voice in his fan base and he builds his own set of followers through his unique style of blogging and storytelling.

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