The path to success is not always easy – just ask aspiring singers, and they will tell you the tiresome, persistent process that has kept them awake on many nights. As you continue to pursue your career dreams, reading up on some successful artist stories can help boost morale, especially if you already have a successfull plan, you need is a boost of encouragement.

Erdo “ERDO” Faraj, born November 7th 1991, is a Swedish-Iraqi singer and songwriter. ERDO was born in Sweden to Iraqi parents and was from a very early age involved in music thanks to his father. His father is the well known Iraqi artist “Amir Al Iraqi”

In 2013, with a tight collaboration with Kawar KJ Yousef from State Crown Records, ERDO released his debut EP “Infrared EP” including seven tracks, all written by ERDO and produced by KJ. His single “D*ug” took off on the Swedish music charts after Sveriges Radio P3 had picked up the song and released an interview with ERDO. A year later ERDO released the single “Cleopatra” before taking a 4 year break from music due to personal reasons. In 2018 he was back with the single “BOYAH” and a new stage name, “ERDO”.

ERDO says it’s important for him to take the time to reinvent himself and feel to what kind of music he wants to create. Trend are of less importance, and he’d rather focus on giving his fans and new listeners relatable music that transcends trends in a vastly changing music industry. We’re very much looking forward to new releases as we know ERDO has spent much time in the studio creating new material.


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