Bayonne, New Jersey artist AVX has shared a new album called Highs & Lows. Catching our attention for its engaging sonics and sharp, emotive songwriting, Highs & Lows makes for a versatile set of 8 tracks that captivates throughout.

The album kicks off with our personal favorite from the tracklisting, “Manifest”, which contains a potent, stylish soundscape that does well to enhance AVX’s infectious vocal performance. “OMW”, makes for a cohesive second cut with its combination of elegant, sparkling strings, rich bass and potent drums. Here, AVX weaves together poignant lines that blend smoothly with the powerful production. Songs like “WIN” and “CRITIC” employ a guitar-driven, ethereal sound to great effect, while “DEEP END” provides a particularly emotive closer that pulls at the heartstrings with its wistful vocals and bittersweet keys.

Overall, Highs & Lows is a strong new offering from the New Jersey artist that captures his characteristic sound in a highly effective manner, showcasing a sleek blend of hip-hop and R&B sounds and stylings. While New Jersey is a rising hot bed within the music scene, AVX certainly deserves to be mentioned among the new crop of artists coming out of the region, many of which have been receiving wider coverage from underground music platforms and playlists of late. AVX’s latest album Highs & Lows certainly cements him within the class of newcomers out of the Garden State that are shining within the music scene.

Listen to Highs & Lows here and familiarize yourself with the fast-rising New Jersey artist:

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