Glassface, also known as Face, is a visual artist best known for creating many music videos for artists like Lil Yachty in his production studio, Faceworld Studios.

“1 Night” accrued over 100 million views on YouTube and earned Face an RIAA platinum plaque. As displayed in videos like this, Glassface’s abilities have enabled artists of all sizes to create cohesive, engaging, and eye-catching music videos on sensible budgets. His abilities to use graphics, images, videos, editing skills, and genuinely meme-worthy comedic timing gives artists a strategic edge over those splurging much more to go to fancier locations and hire tons of extras.

Glassface has begun using his talents and insight into the music industry to create his music. He has already released half a dozen songs since 2016 with modest success. A 2022 release, “Oblivion,” has had an official visualizer and an official music video made for them, leveraging his skills to create genuinely insane visual eye candy to give the song a complete audiovisual experience. 

The visualizer was released first, and to be completely honest. It’s something you need to see for yourself. After that, it’s hard to put into words. The video features human figures transmogrifying into landscapes and stars, filling with energy, and their faces morphing. Technological wonders fill the bodies and landscapes behind them, and people appear to transcend reality more than a handful of times. It’s an awe-inspiring video, but after watching the official music video, it becomes clear that even something this amazing has room for improvement.

Then, the Oblivion Official Music Video was released. It borrows many of the AI-assisted visual aspects of the visualizer. However, Face uses his own body and image as a central aspect of the video. In some shots, he stands in a desert or near a volcano and utilizes AI to form the trippy visuals around it. The skeleton zoom from the visualizer is also utilized between some shots. Finally, some other lights and simulated light effects are used to shine on the real scenes and draw Zeus throwing a bolt of lightning at Face to kick off the final AI visual morph of the video. This video is an even better demonstration of Glassface’s capabilities, taking a set of low-budget clips of himself singing and making it into a full-blown trip representing the themes and aspects of the song better than anyone else could. It’s truly a marvel to watch.

His most recent release, “Summer’s Over,” sounds much like “Oblivion.” Face’s vocal and instrumental style is reminiscent of Tame Impala. Both songs remind me of Tame Impala’s recent single with Gorillaz, “New Gold.” The hard-hitting basslines with moody soft vocalizations and trippy futuristic melodies simultaneously make it both fresh and nostalgic. “Summer’s Over” is a song about how summer never lasts long enough and comes at just the right time. The line “Summer’s always over just a little too soon” hits deep in the soul as October comes to a close and Autumn is in full swing. The gorgeous electronic sounds of “Summer’s Over” would be a great addition to any chilling playlist. It needs to be upbeat enough for party music to most people’s tastes, but it’d be great to play video games over it. It’s also a good vibe track, as are Glassface’s other releases. It’ll be more than interesting to see how Face crafts his visualizer or music video for “Summer’s Over,” as the one for “Oblivion” was a full-on trip.

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