Artist and songwriter Dobey Dobe has releases a fantastic new single by the name of “Showers,” featuring Jaywop. This new release falls somewhere in between the timeless energy of soul music and the appeal of alternative hip hop alike, going for a true personal and unpredictable approach to sound. The song is also featured on the artist’s recent album, 2 Week Notice. This full-length is a special milestone for the artist, who has been able to pack it with a whole load of features and styles. “Showers” is a perfect example of what people can expect from the album overall! The single represents the integrity and creativity that the audience can also expect to find within this massive and amazing album.

One of the most exciting features of “Showers”  is the fact that this release stays true to the unmistakable vibe and personality of this artist, while also creating a brand-new aesthetic of sound by aiming to be more creative and inventive in terms of sound design and innovation alike. Dobey Dobe excels at endowing his music with something quite special, and this release feels like a perfect example of what his style is really all about. The song features an ambient texture throughout, which makes it all the more engaging and inspiring. The lush underlying sound offers a cinematic scope. This gives the rhythm even more context and makes the track stand out in terms of sound design. Dobey’s vocals are very personal and direct, and there is a strong feeling of authenticity. It’s almost as if the artist was addressing each listener directly, making for a one-of-a-kind experience of his way to tell a story and create a more genuine bond with the listeners.

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