This week, the innovative astrological dating site Astrodipity goes live. 

Astrodipity is a high-tech company that enjoys astrology and connecting people, to put it simply. Astrodipity is a global dating service based on astrological compatibility, also known as synastry. 

What makes Astrodipity so remarkable? 

Members of Astrodipity are able to use their birth information to make meaningful connections and learn more about themselves. The platform’s AI-driven astrological data is based on a large collection of behavioral models that correspond to various portions of the astrological calendar and human behavior. 

Astrodipity is an AI-powered dating application that uses a user’s date of birth and, if available, time of birth to cross-reference with an algorithm that predicts the user’s dominant and passive behaviors, among others, and then matches them with other users who are a good match. 

Astrological predictions make it simple for users to gain a deeper understanding of their own behavioral patterns. This is information that is becoming increasingly popular but less well-known in contemporary culture. For instance, astrologers frequently use the term “moon sign,” but few individuals outside of the field can explain its meaning. 

Cassandra Ritter, the creator of Astrodipity, explains, “We help people find compatibility” as follows: “We use powerful AI-powered matching algorithms to determine your best matches based on your astrological data, with your birth information being the most important.” 

Astrodipity states further, 

“Astrodipity is available to individuals from all over the world. We use powerful AI-powered matching algorithms to analyze your birth data and find the best matches for you based on your knowledge of astrology. When a user registers for Astrodipity, they provide us with information about themselves, including their date of birth, so that we can create a detailed birth chart and use it to recommend potential matches. At astrodipity, you do not simply meet individuals. Instead, you meet people who we believe are an excellent match for you, your personality, and your genes. Astrodipity was founded to facilitate more meaningful connections between people. We cannot emphasize enough how essential this is to our daily lives. Astrological serendipity can also encourage introspection. It reveals your sun sign, ascending sign, and zodiac animal. It also discusses how these factors influence your personality and interpersonal relationships.” 

Astrodipity is beneficial for young people because it facilitates meeting new friends without romantic overtones. The website will be available to users from both Canada and the United States.

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