The visuals without music are dumb and meaningless. But the music can live independent of the visuals. However a mix of musical and visuals yields a perfectly simulated experience of fun and enjoyment. A musical piece in the form of a video gives a wholesome experience of entertainment. Moreover, the engaging power of the music with the video increases manifolds. Through this piece of writing, we will introduce the music lovers with a wonderful gift; a seamless combination of visuals and the music by our very own Don Afric.

            Hailing from Tangier, Morocco, Don Africhas reached some untouched heights of skill in music and films. Certain characteristics make him a unique feature of the global music as well as film industry. He is a well experienced singer who can sing in more than five different languages. Moreover, he has also earned a huge name due to his work in some of the most famous Hollywood projects.

Let us learn in details that how does he offer a combination of wonderful music and the cinematically excellent songs.

Don Afric is Master in Music as well as Cinematography:

            Don Afric has been producing music since quite a long time now. He has wonderfully added the remarkable master pieces in the global music industry. For the first time the world came to know about his unbound musical excellence when he released his records Yellow Pages. Since 2019, he has produced a wide range of wonderful tracks. But the turning point appeared a few months back when he came up with a complete package of entertainment for his fans.

His decision to release excellently filmed videos of his songs was not less than a pleasant surprise for his fans. This happened because of the fact that people were already impressed by his cinematic skills and they could easily anticipate the wonderful mix of music and videos. Their expectations are backed by the experience of Don Afric. He has worked as the Production Secretary in two all time Hollywood hit films Mission Impossible and War Machine. He has also remained the part of Spectre movie as the Production Assistant.

Resultantly, he came up with video releases of his latest singles F.I.A.T, What’s Success, and Pulp Fiction.

The Reaction of the Viewers:

            The reaction of  the people to Don Afric’s recent initiative of releasing music videos has been overwhelming. Within a shorter span of time, the viewership of his musical videos has surged over several thousands. The statistics show that his Don Afric’s YouTube Channel created in September 2022recorded about more than 60k views within one month! That is remarkably high for a new YouTube Channel. The statistical figures substantiatethe standpoint that people have poured a huge love to his initiative.


            All in all, it is quite apparent that Don Afric is distinctively well acclaimed artist. Moreover, his music as well as video production skills are also well appreciated by his fans. Thus, it is safe to say that Don Afric has offered an excellent mix of music and cinematography.

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