Q: Where did Prolifik grow up and how do you feel it has shaped you day to day hustle and the outlooks you have on life itself?

Prolifik: I grew up in Charlotte, NC and it’s the type of city that encourages a person to strive for higher heights because there’s so much underrated talent and undiscovered potential within the city. My upbringing molded me to think about life as a step by step process and understand that the hustle will pay off in the long run. 

Q: With as much detail as you’d like please let our audience know how did you get started in the music business and industry? 

Prolifik: I started professionally recording in 2013, but I’ve been rapping since the age of 7. Most of the major music industry connects I made over the past 4 or 5 years came from Lango who started off creating photo and visual content for grand hustle and eventually transitioning to talent scout and management positions. 

Q: Talk to us about your process it takes you to create any of your songs and if any of the process were different on any song particular? 

Prolifik: Nowadays, I like to dive inside the beat….What I mean by that is, some days when I discover a new beat, I will listen to that beat during the entire day without writing a single word…This allows me to internalize the instruments, sample,  and everything that comes along with the beat so that the verses will flow naturally…When I wrote third eye, the verses came to me instantly along with the hook but with other songs, it may take days for me to complete the verses.

Q: Who would you say in all of HipHop’s culture that had the most effect on you in terms of inspirations?

Prolifik: That’s a long list honestly, but Bone Thugs N Harmony, 2pac, Nas and Jay, are some of the names that come to mind. 

Q: What songs are you listening to outside of your own music? Like what’s on your playlist?

Prolifik: I tend to focus on my own music honestly, but Johnny P’s Caddy by Benny The Butcher and J. Cole is a song that inspired some of my recent music from a lyrical and delivery aspect

Q: Listening back to the 80’s era of HipHop to the 90’s era to the 2000’s era to now today, what would you say you specifically liked most of each era?

Prolifik: The creativity and the fact that the artists from those eras fought hard to stand out instead of fitting in.

Q: Two things that inspires and motivates you most from Kanye West or YE?

Prolifik: I’ve always been inspired by Kanye’s courage and his ability to properly change sounds/styles with each project he releases.

Q: As the world continues to change and evolve what does the legacy in your mind look like for the Prolifik brand and in the years to come if we were focusing on speaking things into existence?

Prolifik: I see myself inspiring the world in a positive way by shining a light on mental health especially men’s mental health because the world takes us for granted. 

Q:  Hot Box Bonus: If you were asked to put one song together with yourself, a singer, a rapper, and a producer with you all in the studio at the same time who would these artists be for this special feature? 

Prolifik: Jhene Aiko, Kendrick Lamar, and Alchemist 

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