Yatzel Elier Calderon Rivera (Born July 22, 2004), professionally Known as YECR is an Puerto Rican rapper, singer and producer. His music is defined as HipHop/Rap and Reggaeton. He met an artist named Yung Hush, and they made over 2 to 3 songs together, but stopped making songs together since it wasn’t getting enough attention. They both hope to keep making songs together in the future. On November of 2021, He released his first single called BOOST. His release BOOST got over 2,000 streams on SoundCloud. YECR is primarily a HipHop/Rap & Reggaeton Artist. Daddy Yankee is a major influence on YECR, But Svrite is his greatest inspiration.

YECR is an artist that is 18 years old and located in Lincoln, Delaware. His most recent hit is titled “OFF DA LASH,” and since its release, he has been dominating the Spotify and SoundCloud music communities. He is originally from Puerto Rico. Since it was first made available, the song has been streamed over seventy thousand times, and it has caused social media to fly into a frenzy, attracting a lot of new followers and fans.

If you have spent any time this week on SoundCloud or Spotify, then it is quite possible that you have come across the music of YECR. His most recent single, “OFF DA LASH,” has garnered a lot of attention, as seen by the tens of thousands of plays it has received on Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

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