Rising artist and California native ELDAHRADO releases new single “Bless Me”, aiming at the non-believers and friends that turned to doubters.

He’s giving fans new insight into the many styles that encompass his sound, as an artist. He’s consistently showing his ability to grow and as he says, “never slow up”. We want to dive into who’s behind the music and what inspired the new track, if you can speak on it.

1.) Q: When Did You Record “Bless Me”?

A: “I recorded the track around march or April this year, but I reworked it a couple times to add some small details and find the right speech for the Outro. I wanted the words to be powerful and memorable”.

2.) Q: What’s The Inspiration Behind The Track?

A: “it’s more of a hype up track while you in the zone, yet I’m instilling a constant phrase “God Bless Me” throughout. I forget the exact literary device for that or what it’s called. I’m manifesting my blessing’s while also talking about things I’ve gone through, yet I’m still here due to gods blessings…That’s the gist”.

3.)Q: Who produced “Bless Me” ?

A: “It was actually produced by Bruce Wayne and engineered by Vonni Ayer, who helped tremendously with most the project”.

4.) Q: Do You Plan on Releasing Any Music Video or content for the track?

A: “yes, I actually plan on dropping some behind the scenes footage and content about how I recorded the song. I also have a video in the works which will be releasing this year as well. So definitely stay tuned for more visuals and content fasho.”

5.) Q: Anything you’d like to tell your fans?

A: “Don’t ever stop trying, seriously. What doesn’t pan out at the moment, will eventually piece together. It’s proven no matter what you do, if you stay consistent…compound interest will pile up and eventually pay off. That’s a fact!

So when things get quiet or I haven’t dropped anything…just know I’m somewhere still trying. Always working never stagnant, even if others don’t see. Thank you again, to all my supporters who consistently show love! I don’t got fans, I really got family…”.

We appreciate the time you took to answer these questions and give fans more insight behind the single. Make sure to check out the latest track and subscribe to ELDAHRADO YouTube channel, follow the link below.



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