James Christian was born on July 11, 1993, making him now 29 years old. His interest in hip-hop music began when he was 12 years old and he was living in Cleveland, Ohio. It was his elder brother, @chette 4444, who encouraged him to take up the habit of reading the dictionary.

James Christian invested 17 years of his life towards honing his art and gaining an understanding of the framework. His family and his squad, the Four Horsemen, who always have each other’s backs serve as a source of motivation for him. In March of 2022, he began promoting his first song, “Favors,” and in October of the same year, he released “Bigbags.” @manic music is responsible for producing each and every one of his beats. As long as he continues to have faith in himself and puts in a lot of effort, his voice will be heard.

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