The fact that SotgMando has a flow and style of his own is one of the primary factors that sets him apart from the majority of the other rappers and musicians. The Bay Area is home to a young and talented rapper by the name of SotgMando. Although he was born in Antioch, California, he was raised in a number of residences located across the bay region. When he was barely 14 years old, he started making music using a phone and free beats online. He has been doing this ever since. Then, as more time went by, he was in a position to upgrade to a home studio. One day, he wrote down a few lines and put them all together to come up with a name for himself.

The difficulties, trials, and tribulations that SotgMando, the rapper who wrote “Mainline,” endured as a child are the subject of the song. SotgMando’s latest song focuses on an incident in which his brother committed a crime, and the devastating effects that crime had on SotgMando and his family. The incarceration of his sister, the death of his brother due to gang ties, and the early onset of adulthood he experienced as a consequence of adopting a “Thug” lifestyle are all addressed in this song.

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