Jayzon J along with Kri$py Kay and Krizz Kaliko released a new single “Caught In The Moment” on 1st August 2022. Jayzon J is from Pine Bluff Arkansas and he is the Founder of Black Flame Music LLC. Their release “Caught In The Moment” is packed with switching from lower tones to high-pitched notes effortlessly and rhythmic verses.

Jayzon J is well-aware of what it takes to be a rapper. Above all, being successful in music takes sacrifice. Sacrifice leads to pain. Pain, meanwhile, can turn into whatever a person wants to make it into. In the case of Jayzon J along with the other two musicians Kri$py Kay and Krizz Kaliko, their pain became rap. With that being said, Jayzon J spoke on his struggles with his single, “Caught In The Moment” This is a song anybody can relate to and it is a moment for anyone who knows what it’s like to have gone through something in life. Jayzon J lets the world know he’s right there with them.

“Caught In The Moment” starts with soft overtones and suddenly picks up the beat. Jayzon J wanted the music to leave an impression on the audience and he has managed to do that. The music, lyrics, and production are all on point and Jayzon J has ensured that the track has everything to impress music fans from around the world.

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