Greg Coverdale is a Wilmington, Delaware native who has put his bid in for state treasurer. He is gearing up for crunch time, as he takes on incumbent Colleen C. Davis in the race for Delaware State Treasurer. With elections less than a month away, November 8th, Coverdale is focusing on meeting members of the community and explaining his financial plans once elected. With a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Delaware State University, Greg Coverdale has worked as a Professor of Personal Finance at Delaware State University, as a personal Financial Counselor for the Delaware Army National Guard, as a Financial Planner at Merrill Lynch, and even as a Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley. With years of financial planning and management on his résumé, Coverdale seeks to improve the collective and individual finances in Delaware. Greg continues to show a commitment to public services while serving on the Delaware State Board of Education and the National Association of State Boards of Education.

When Greg was asked why he’s running for Delaware State Treasurer he said, “We deserve a qualified financial professional who cares; contributing to our long term prosperity, managing our taxpayer dollars, and leading us out of this recession.”

Greg Coverdale has a top-tier education, a passion for Delaware residents, and a commitment to honesty that is beyond refreshing to see from politicians. Make sure you select his name on the November 8th ballot.

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