Talent has emerged as the defining fact of our time. It does not make room for any justification, and in the end, it emerges victorious despite all of the societal, institutional, and economic obstacles. In times past, there were not enough platforms easily available, which resulted in the squandering of potential. However, the situation is different now than it was before. People that are gifted have found that platforms for social media have functioned as a blessing in disguise for them. As a direct consequence of this, a great number of very gifted individuals have achieved popularity as a direct result of the unstoppable force of social media. One of the finest manifestations of this criterion is Fungi.

The year when Fungi made his debut also saw the release of two prominent tapes: ‘Dying to Live’ and ‘Resurrection’.  At Stage AE, he served as the opening act for EarthGang and did an outstanding job. Fungi is most pleased with himself for having reached the point where he can freestyle anywhere, in front of any number of people, without anxiety or fear.  Because of his ability to freestyle, he stands out from the crowd, and is appreciative that he has committed the effort and time required over the course of his career to reach this level. When Fungi sees his music having a transformative, inspirational, and activating effect on another person, it provides him with all the fuel he needs to continue creating more. He is here to fulfill his duty, which is to awaken the collective consciousness by fusing the magic of mushrooms with the healing power of music. It is his purpose to spread love among all people, and the best method for him to accomplish this objective is via the medium of conscious music and street rap.

Lyrics written by Fungi often have a message of “harsh love” somewhere concealed inside them. Self-empowerment, telling others the uncomfortable truth when it’s required, complex psychedelic wordplay, and tales from his wild life are typical topics covered in his writing. The subject matter of his songs sets him apart from the pack, which is only emulating the trend that is prevalent at the moment. The range and depth of his abilities, which we think to be well above those of the typical contemporary artist, are revealed by listening to his catalog. It is accurate to state that Fungi is “ahead of his time.” You may say: ”he comes from another dimension.”

Learn more about him from his website- https://www.fungiflows.fun

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