Michel Kasereka, you may know him by the name of Prettyboirayyy is a content creator from DRC Congo. Prettyboirayyy creates content that engages, entertains, informs and inspires people from all over the world. He’s extremely passionate about inspiring people and working alongside several brands and companies. Additionally, be aware of a modeling agency near you as the creator himself will be developing an agency for modeling to give those in the industry the platform to create and inspire themselves. His deep commitment has enabled him to develop his distinct style and contribute something fresh to the entertainment world, both as an artist and as an executive. He founded his own businesses as an incubator for emerging talent and artist development.

Creatively, he communicates a specific hue, mood and raw experience for his listeners, never compromising his values and always paying tribute to his roots, a feat that keeps his artistry pronounced within a fast-paced industry. This is no easy cake walk, but it’s worth every moment because after the mud then comes the rewards! It feels good being recognized for your work and having other celebrities reach out to you saying congratulations “we see your hard work that you thought went unnoticed.”

“He would love to write for major mainstream artists!” With hard work and continued consistency it will definitely happen. Be on the watch for this up and coming star.

Make sure to follow him on all social media platforms to stay tuned and also to get to know his creative and artistic style. 

IG @prettyboirayyy 

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