Can one rotten apple spoil the whole bunch? That is the life changing question asked and answered in the new independent urban film Rotten from Detroit filmmaker Tonja Ayers and The Shoe Lady Productions. In exciting news, The Shoe Lady Productions recently announced Rotten will premiere on Saturday, November 5, 2022, at 6:00 pm at the Bel Air Luxury Cinema in Detroit, Michigan. Continuing the momentum Detroit filmmakers have built in their efforts to take over digital streaming platforms nationwide, Tonja Ayers, the driving force behind the production company, clearly shows she is next in line to make a mark with the city’s urban film scene.  Rotten was filmed in the metropolitan Detroit area, with local actors, and the soundtrack features local musicians and songwriters.

“We believe Rotten is our best film so far,” commented the clearly passionate, award-winning Ayers. “We are looking forward to seeing how Rotten is embraced by both the audience and the film world.”

Rotten is based on her book “The Apple Don’t Fall Far from the Tree”. The film stars Tierra Jacole, Jayda Jones and Jasmine Walker.  Rotten is an urban tale about a young lady named Apple and her hatred for her mother Tami, which derives from her despicable upbringing. Her primary goal in life is to be nothing like her mother, but is that even possible? Apple’s childhood has made her rotten to the core.

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The Shoe Lady Productions is a motivated and passionate film production team based in Detroit, MI, with three films currently streaming on several major digital platforms. Feature films Chocolate Kiss, Stay in Your Place and their award-winning short film TEN are on Amazon, Tubi, Apple Movies, GooglePlay and UrbanFlix.

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