Rising music group Divert have shared their debut single, titled “feeling you out”. Pushing the boundaries with an eclectic sound that blends influences from punk, hip-hop, alt-pop and more, the single shows promise and finds Divert coming out of the gate strong, to develop their own sound. Founded by Jon Savona, Divert contains a talented, diverse line-up of artists not bound to one style or sound. Group members TOPFLOOR, WAX, Ghetto Guitar, and Prod Jai are featured on the song, and together they combine to tie versatile styles into one cohesive whole. The product is something poignant and refreshing, blasting raw energy through the speakers as the vocalists command the mic with much presence above energizing instrumentation.

Powerful, punk-influenced bass opens the track before crisp percussion is added to bolster a muscular rhythm section. Expansive guitars are then layered atop to create a “sheet of sound” effect, giving the song an engagingly textural feel. Atop the vital instrumentation, the vocalists deliver strong performances that blend together with much chemistry, as they all sound natural and assured on the mic, giving the song much replay value.

Showcasing much potential in its songwriting and outside-the-box style, “feeling you out” has us thoroughly excited for what may be coming next from them, an EP or album in particular. Listen to Divert’s debut single “feeling you out” and familiarize yourself with the rising group, whose eclectic, genre-blending sound shines through on this new release.

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