By today’s fashion standards, wearing a solid suit, dress shirt, and tie with a rope chain is considered conservative. We feel that adding a few patterns adds interest, displays fashion authority, and demonstrates that you are up to date on the newest trends.

Keeping up with traditional fashion is essential for individuals who wish to be viewed as forward-thinking people who are on the cutting edge of this world in these rapidly changing times.

Before going into the spotlight with a more classic-modern appearance, learn how to mix and match the patterns of the dress shirt and tie.

Mastering the composition of those patterns communicates that you put purposeful consideration to your appearance.

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind in this respect:

1. Colors – Hues Should Be Coordinated

When planning your suit, dress shirt, and tie combo, consider blending one hue across two of the pieces to achieve color-coordinated balance.

When wearing a multicolored tie, for example, choose one color to complement the color tone of the suit or the shirt.

Instead of looking like you threw together your outfits, you’ll have a cohesive sense of style, especially if its blended with a Cuban link chain.

2. Chroma – A Color’s Brightness, Boldness, Muteness, or Lightness

Add a splash of color to your suiting, deciding how intensely you want the hue to mix with your outfit.

However, while wearing a vibrant tie, be sure you mix it with a subdued dress shirt or vice versa.

Color applied around your face offers a wonderful focal point, but for professional attire, use bolder colors in lower amounts.

3. Design Motifs Include Polka Dots, Geometrics, Plaids, and Stripes

Designs and prints provide life to every ensemble. A man’s tie is a statement of his style and a reflection of his personality, therefore collect a few ties that you like to add a global flair to your traditional suit.

Striped ties are ideal for slimming down a man’s silhouette by drawing the viewer’s eye in a vertical line. If your tie rack is all solids, add a few designs that reflect your taste.

4. Scale – Print Size and Proportion

When mixing comparable prints, keep scale in mind, remembering to integrate varied sizes of motifs in the shirt and tie to seem like a truly professionally dressed guy.

A shirt with a huge pattern, for example, looks great with a necktie with a similar print but in a smaller design, and vice versa. Instead you can fit it with some jewelry such as, the 5mm Rope Chain which can be bought at Dorian Chayn store or a Figaro chain necklace to stack with it.

Now some mix and match combos with a Rope Chain to 10x your fashion:

Shirt with stripes and a tie with a pattern
To add contrast and interest, use a tie with little polka dots or small geometric motifs.

If you opt to wear a striped shirt and a striped tie, make sure the stripes are of different scales, otherwise, it will appear as if you merely overlaid two of the same patterns, and the impact will be lost or canceled out, detracting from your style.

Shirt with stripes and a tie with a micro-pattern
We like this modern appearance with a strong presence.

However, keep the stripes on the shirt and the tie within the same color tonal range.

Shirt with a check pattern and a tie with a check pattern
Using the scaling guideline, a large-check shirt with a smaller-check tie will look best on you. This style is also more informal since the designs give your outfit a more relaxed vibe.

Shirt with a pattern and a solid tie
For this combination to look intentional, the tie must coordinate with some of the color tones in the shirt.

If possible, try to focus on a single hue to integrate the two items of clothing. Alternatively, select a color from the suit fabric and coordinate with it.

Shirt with a solid pattern and a patterned tie
This design is more formal and conservative, conveying a dignified and successful appearance. This is the norm in more conservative business contexts.

Once you’ve mastered the laws of suit coordination, you’ll be able to effortlessly transform your basic outfit into one that is more adaptable and provides fashionable color and print choices to wear with your classic modern suit & Rope Chain necklace.

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